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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 , 0 Comment
Heya ! Sorry for the hiatus. Al-maklum lah dah jadi isteri, tanggungjawab lebih berat. hehehe.. now free time,  need to iron, fold and arrange the clothes. Housework yang paling ku benci sekali! Time bujang, baju ala-kadar gosok janji nampak rapi but sekarang ronyok sikit aje i OCD on the creases.hahahaha

Today marks our 1st month.. Alhamdullilah we managed to go through it. Many more months to go.. May Allah gives me strength, patience and more strength and lots of patience in this marriage.

I know that i've got alot to updates.. therefore let me list it and i will follow-up on the post.. In Sha Allah..

1) Preparation & Jitters 
2) Aku terima nikah-nya 
3) Our reception.
4) Post-Wedding Photoshoot
5) Bali Honeymoon
6) Not in love with Jurong
7) My new workplace.

I've slowed my pace now and am missing on the craziness on the wedding planning, preparation and execution. To all BTBs, enjoy the moment eventhough you feel like pulling your hair, eyes and heart out. 
Your wedding happens once in a lifetime and you will only get to experience it for 1 or 2 days..
Make the right choices and decision on your bridal, catering, photography and bridesmaid. They are the ones who will make it or break. Ultimately you need to be healthy and positive on your wedding day!


Monday, March 18, 2013 , 0 Comment
I've got a 12 more days to enjoy my singlehood. *Runs around frantically*
I'm having mixed feelings right now. Nervous, scared, dreadful whatever feelings that you can relate to negativity.
*Hyperventiliate* I can't believe i'm going to be a wife VERY SOON!
I could just remember 03 July 2011 (our E-date) was just a couple weeks back and welcoming 2013 happened yestereday. WHY IS THE CLOCK TICKING SO FAST???

I woke up today and decided to look at the calendar. I was horrified that the day is approaching sooner that i expected. Suddenly i am having the jitters.  I did not know what to expect. So many questions popping in my head right now.
  1. What will my future be like?
  2. Will i get a good-paying job?
  3. Will i get along with my PIL, his relatives and friends?
  4. Will i forsake my parents?
  5. Will i be close with my siblings
  6. Will i able to be a good wife?
  7. Will i get pregnant?
  8. How will i give birth? (when i get squirmy at the sight of blood and pain)
  9. Will i be an amazing mother?
  10. Will there be enough money for the household?
Question No. 4 & 10 , pains me and i can't stop thinking about it.
I'm the eldest and this will be the 1st marriage in the family. I did not know what are my Mak's & Pak's thoughts and feelings of "giving me away". They might not show it but i know that they are missing me already. This is affirmed by MR H when my Mak called his MAMA and eventhough it was a casual talk, there was a tinge of sadness in her voice. I was aware about their conversation because My Mak wanted to talk about the bedroom furniture but i wasn't there to witness it. Lucky, if not i will be crying buckets.

I am very close to my Mak. I could tell her about my feelings and whatever choices or decision that i have to make, i will ask for her opinion. Yup, even choosing my own undergarments, i will ring her up and  ask her whether i should buy it or not.
She supported my decision when i decided to enter school after working full-time for 2 years.
She came running to me when i had nightmares a couple of weeks back. 
She cooked my favourite dish most of the time.
She is always here, nursing me to health, feeding me good food and making me happy. Yet sometime i did not appreciate her at all. I will disobey her and be rude to her. I know it is wrong to ignore her calls and i do feel guilty about it. I am sorry Mak and this 12 days, i promise to be an obedient daughter. I will answer your call and listen to you attentively.  Likewise to my Pak, i will be the best child to you and obey your instructions.
We all take our parents for granted and did not appreciate them. Let's once a day, make our parents happy by helping them with the housework, serving them coffee, heed their advice etc.
You never know that it might be too late..
I always pray, "Ya Allah panjangkan umur kedua ibu-bapaku, berikan mereka kesihatan, murahkan rezeki mereka dan jadikanlah aku anak yang solehah"

I will miss my parents and i hope that Mr H will "izin" me to meet them every other week. I spent my wedding night for the very last time at this house and will be moving the next day to Mr H's home. I need to adjust and adapt quickly with the new environment and status. 

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DIY - Pearl Blooms
Sunday, March 17, 2013 , 1 Comment
 PRETTYORKID sparked my interest to DIY a pearl bouquet. Honestly, i hava lazy bones in my body and the aku-tak-kuasa nak buat benda2 gini attitude. I did not know why i got inspired after reading her post. Hehehe tyvm! I told my MAK that i wanted to do my own non-floral bouquet and dragged her to Golden Dragon on last Thursday! Yes, 3 more weeks to my wedding and i still can lengah2 cari the items.

 (Source: thebeadedbouquet)
Cantik kan.... pastels for your bouquet..
  (Source: thebeadedbouquet)
Gorgeous even with the coils shown (how i wish i know how to do this)
This is the easiest, twist and clustered them together.

I chose pearl bouquet because it is cheaper and lighter than brooch bouquets. I spent less than $25 for the stuff and i used 240 pearls.
This is the progress that i did on a Saturday night. 
110 - 8mm yellow beads
110 - 8mm white transparent beads.
20 - 10mm silver beads.

My Mak was supportive and giving me words of encouragement. I got something to remind me of  the wedding beside the pictures and videos. 
If not for this pearl bouquet, the only thing that is DIY would be my dulang hantaran.
You know, i dah berangan that i will hone my skill and sell pearl bouquets to the public. HEHE!

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And Let the countdown begins..
Saturday, March 2, 2013 , 0 Comment
Alhamdullilah, it's March.

Finally, i get to create my own page! Hahahaha i've been anticpating it since January. My itchy fingers were in glee when  i typed out the invites. I took 2 hours to invite people because i kept considering whether si pulan nie should i invite or not. Kalau tak invite, kecik hati pulak. Aku nak doa yang baik2 dari mereka.

Do you have acquaintance or old friends that you never ever cross path ever again ASKED you to invite them?
You knowwhat i replied to them: "In Sha Allah"
Even though begitu, i ended up sending them the invites because i did not want to offend them and i only have a couple of orang2 begini so takpelah, Rezeki aku kalau they turn up.

I've been very bz.. I wanted to give up because i was so overwhelmed with final exams, finalizing wedding stuffs and other matters. Yup been having dizzy spells and heart palpitation. I was too stressed.

Now things are pacing slowly but confirm plus chop 10 days before the event mesti chiong giler.

Ya Allah, mempermudahkan urusanku. Supaya apa yang diranckang berjalan dengan sempurna Amin.

On another note, i read love story timeline of fellow BTBs on their blog. Aww..everyone have their own love stories and i wish to tell mine. Hopefully soon :)


REVIEW: Fresver Beauty
Thursday, January 31, 2013 , 0 Comment
I am already in my mid twenties but my face is still like an adolescent. Eversince i hit puberty, my face has been plagued with acne. I have tried every facial products from the drugstore, doctor's and traditional medicines. I was advised by my nutrionist eons ago that i must not eat seafood, chicken, sugary and oily stuff. Well the advice falls on deaf ears, i mean; what is life when you can't enjoy the good food right? Well i have to face the consequences. Every girls dream to have a flawless face but not all of us are lucky. I have to live with it. 6 months ago, my mak told me to stop wearing make-up on my face and just use the bedak sejuk (rice powder) ( I will make another entry on my "new" facial products).

Before i digressed.. you know the discounted website such as groupon and where they feature goodies and really low prices. I bought a coupon from which cost me $18 for a facial. I purchased it last year in September but i redeemed it a month before the expiry date.

I never heard of Fresever Beauty, they did not have a facebook but they did have a website which wasn't that helpful. I settled for their Hougang Oulet. It was located at the Hougang Bus interchange! I never imagine that a beauty parlour would be there.

I made appointment for the 5.30pm slot but i was early and arrived at 4.45pm. I thought perhaps they would not have many customers but i was wrong! It was packed and i wasn't received happily by the receptionist.  She went "Your appointment is at 5.30pm, now very early, you can go out and walk first and buy food" such atrocious english! Of course i was pissed because the receptionist could hold her tongue and be more tactful.
I waited at the benches and dreading that the service would be a turn-off. My thoughts were playing that they would rush through the treatment to get it done and over with and also hardsell me their packages. 
I braced myself for the unknown experience.

I came in again at 5.15pm because i knew that perhaps they want to take my particulars and i need to change into their gear. I did not have any pictures of their shop but the ambience is very calm and clean. they give me their slipper to wear and i was ushered into my room. The music was soothing and i could not hear the bus engines outside. The room was similar with any other facial/spa boutique.

My therapist was Janice a chinese malaysian. Ii was proven wrong again! I had the blissful experience ever!  Janice was jovial but did not talk much like the makcik from wayan. She was very professional where every procedure she would inform me like, "now i'm doing cleansing for you", "your face cannot do normal facial massage can only do point massage" , " I'm going to leave the room, i come back later". She made effort to converse to me but did not disturb me. She has a good skill and knowledge on her massaging techniques and procedures. I was impressed. 
The treatment took 1hr 15mins. When i looked at the time, She used the time and did not cut short any treatment. At the end of it, she served me warm ginger tea. I was a happy customer.

Then the consultant came in and showed me their brochure of the different treatment and packages. I was hesistant because i did not want to waste my money. After cajoling, i signed-up when she said that i could place a 50% deposit and the balance during the 1st treatment. It cost me $288 exclude GST for 6 treatment. It is a colour therapy treatment where instead of extraction, they used the machine which is not so painful and traumatic for the skin. If not for the big day, i won't plonk in that amount of money. I hope that it is worth it and my skin will be smooth and blemish free for the wedding.

Overall Experience: 4/5 (Yay to my therapist , Nay to the Receptionist)

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ALL in a weekend
Monday, January 28, 2013 , 0 Comment
Phew ! On Saturday, our marital bed arrived ! The headboard It complements the wall. I wanted the dulux but the paint shop only have nippon so he bought the similar colour -purple romance. I told him not to golek2 on the katil. Must wait for 2 more months. hehehe.. (Itu bunga-bunga kat headboard Future MIL punye idea)

Then we went to ikea Aleaxandra to look for vanity table but there weren't any. The place brought memories. I still remember playing in the ball pen. We did not find the vanity table coz IKEA did not have any though i could purchase a mirror and separate drawer. I think it is better to go to Sungei Kadut as they are many furniture warehouses and i'll be lucky to get it at Factory price.


On Sunday, we went to JB Larkin to collect my invitation card and favours! I forgot to take pictures with the nice Auntie who gave me freebies! Not even the shop front. I love my invitation card! It is modern and it cost me RM250 aje for 500pcs! That is only S$100 ! My guests will receive telur asin and chocolates in wooven small basket. It is a win-win situation for them.Since they have been arguing about telur and chocolate.


Friday, January 18, 2013 , 2 Comment
Last year, i berangan nak pergi korea. Nope! i'm not a BigBang Fanatic. I wanted to visit Seoul because it is spring season and i get to see the cherry blossoms. Tetapi kita hanya merancang tapi Allah swt yang menentukan.After calculating our post-wedding balance, we realized that the moolah is enough for 4d3n Bali.  
I was sad tetapi paling penting ialah kehidupan selepas majlis perkahwinan. Bak kata pepatah mak-ku, selepas kahwin ada barakahnya? I don't want to enjoy myself and lepas itu gigit jari at the end of the day. Ikut kemampuan masing2.. Insha'Allah ada rezeki & panjang umur sampai lah daku ke Korea.

We booked our flight ticket via Air Asia. Total cost $350 for 2 pax include 35kg check-in baggage and siap makan lagi, Nasi Palembang ALA Farah Quinn & Nasi kuning. LOL nak rasa <s/>cheap</s> airline food.

Now, is the accommodation. I've been searching for the best and affordable private villa. Yelah.. I nak feeling staying inside a "house" that has their own swimming pool. hehehe.. boleh skinny-dipping and also main kejar2 without interference from other human. Just the two of us. You named it, aku dah stalked all the villa in seminyak and Legian. I did not consider jimbaran or nusa dua or other parts of Bali because of it's inaccessibility.

I have set certain criteria for my potential villa.
1)  EXCELLENT review in Tripadvisor (Aku betol stalk nie website)
2) should not be at KEROBOKAN. (nie tempat J"n kena tendang)
3) must a walking distance to the sea
4) less than USD 1000.

I've shortlisted two 1-bedroom private pool villa. (pic : credit website & tripadvisor)


(Standard itinerary BUT the cheapest amongst all.)

The best package because it even has a 1 day Bali tour and Balinese costume shoot for my keepsake.They had everything covered. I could just relax, chill and enjoy. 


Both is not walking distance to the beach.

Villa Seminyak estate & Spa (Still able to see the beach)

 Villa Jerami ( The furthest)

Then after excess checking of the accommodation. I chanced upon...


( They did not provide return airport transfer)

It is actually a hotel but they also have villas with people who has high taste BUT limited budget 
(like yours truly =P)
The best part is.. they are located at TUBAN Beach which is a stone away from Kuta !

Yeah.. i'm contemplating and having a headache thinking which hotel or villa should i choose.
For convenience and affordable rate, i would love to stay in Rama Beach Pool Villa BUT the pool is so small and cannot main kejar2.
Oh please help me to decide!!!

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